What is therapeutic hot stone hot stone massage? You may have heard of it before, in magazines or on the internet, but you might not know what it entails. Read on.


Relaxing therapy.


Therapeutic hot stone massage treatment is a luxury spa treatment used for relaxation, soothing, detoxification and healing. It is a very popular treatment for aching muscles and bad backs.



The technique.

The normal technique is for the patient to lie facedown and hot stones are placed on the spine. The heat causes muscle relaxation, and the therapist then adds to this with massage techniques. The aim is to promote lymph circulation in order to detoxify the body as well as releasing stress and tension, with the end result of the client feeling relaxed and with a sense of wellbeing and improved health.

The the stones used are coated in aromatherapy oils and the therapist moves the stones as part of the massage, while the client relaxes.


What the therapy helps with.

Hot stone massage can be taken just as a treat, or it can be used to ease various health conditions and bring healing to some. Conditions such as joint disorders, fibromyalgia, backache, circulation problems, sleep problems and mental health issues can be eased by hot stone treatment.

The treatment usually involves hot basalt stones soaked in aromatherapy relaxing oils, the therapist works with these and their hands to relax your muscles, and may also alternate hot stones with cold ones for a deeper relaxation. The heat of the hot stones will relax you to the point where the massage of tense and tight muscles will barely hurt as the kinks and strains are soothed away. The treatment takes place in a private and discreet room, with lighting to match the relaxing mood, and possibly also background music and scents to add to the experience.


Suitability and precautions.

The treatment is suitable for most people, although it is advisable for the client to give a medical history and let the therapist know if they are pregnant. A good therapist will always take a medical history and adjust the therapy as necessary to suit the client’s condition.


When to have your treatment.

The treatment normally lasts about an hour and it is best to avoid alcoholic drinks and heavy food beforehand and allow plenty of time. During the therapy the client should feel able to tell the therapist if anything about the therapy is uncomfortable or painful, for example if the rocks feel too hot or if any aspect of the therapy causes bad pain. The treatment is meant as an indulgence and a complementary therapy to be enjoyed, so it should be comfortable and leave the client relaxed and refreshed.


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