The Essential Components of a Cream Tea

Originally an afternoon ritual found only in the English west-country counties of Devon, Cornwall and, to a degree Somerset, the famous traditional cream tea can now be found in hotels, tea shops and cafes the length and breadth of the country.

Although there is a certain amount of contention regarding its origins, it is said the history of the cream tea dates back to the 11th century, when it was first made and enjoyed by the monks of Tavistock Abbey in Devon.

On the other hand, the aristocracy of the time would enjoy ‘afternoon tea’. A light meal comprising small triangular or finger sandwiches, often filled with cheese and cucumber, egg mayo and cress, smoked salmon with cream cheese or ham and mustard. It would also include a range of pastries and, of course, a pot of tea.

However, a cream tea is a totally different snack, comprising fresh, straight-from-the-oven scones (sometimes with raisins baked in). A pot of butter, a pot of strawberry jam and a pot of clotted cream. Not forgetting the ubiquitous pot of tea.

Scones would be split in half, buttered, and then layered with either cream first, followed by jam, or vice-versa depending on preference. The best cream teas in London can be found in quality hotels and tea rooms, where they offer a choice of teas which are usually supplied loose leaf and strained from the pot into the cup.


Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is a Caribbean festival that has been held in London’s Kensington neighborhood on the streets of Notting Hill since 1966. This festival draws thousands of revelers every August and is held over the course of two days.

With an annual attendance of about 2.5 million, the carnival is one of the world’s largest and most colorful street festivals. The carnival, which is an important event in Black British culture, is organized and led by people from the Afro-Caribbean community in Britain.

In 2022, the Notting Hill Carnival will make its comeback to the streets of West London after being absent for the previous two years. The celebrations for the last two years have taken place online. However, it is now time to get back on the road to experience great sound systems, Soca, Mas, Calypso and a great deal more in the dazzling reality of real life.’

What Awaits You

The Mas competition, which is considered the most crucial event of the carnival, is open to participants of all ages. This year’s Notting Hill Carnival has a procession of Mas Bands, each of which is based on a different theme that changes each year. The bands will showcase their awe-inspiring creations to the public, fellow masqueraders and the judges. You will be treated to a visual extravaganza.

The cuisine of the Caribbean is one of the most popular draws. You can find anything from jerk chicken to callaloo and traditional goat stew being sold by street vendors.

Join this year’s Notting Hill Carnival and get to enjoy a taste of an array of Caribbean-inspired cuisine as well as some of the best costumes and rumba, reggae, calypso, zouk and meringue music on many sound stages scattered across the neighborhood.


Pancakes are a food that is enjoyed by many, but there is something unique about the Thai pancake. Have you ever tried to make your own version of the Thai pancake? If you have, did you follow a recipe or did you just wing it? There are several different versions of this delicious dish; however, most people agree that the best part about making this dish is experimenting with it and coming up with your own recipe.

The Thai crispy pancake is made of rice flour. It is a thin sheet of rice batter cooked in hot oil. It is eaten with filling such as shrimp, pork chop, chicken or vegetable, along with herbs and a special sauce. Other condiments include sugar, fish sauce and chili powder.

How to make the delicious Thai crispy pancake

Thai crispy pancakes are a popular street food snack that is typically served as an appetizer or part of a shared meal. You can make them at home by combining potato starch and coconut milk with sliced vegetables and meat, then frying it in oil. The pancake will be crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside.

Thai crispy pancake recipe.


 The toppings for the Thai crispy pancakes include fresh fruits such as strawberry, banana, mango slices, and blueberries; jelly (mung bean or taro); sweetened condensed milk; peanut butter; chocolate syrup; ice cream; coffee-flavored syrup ; and cream.

There are two main toppings for Thai crispy pancakes: salty and sweet.

The salty topping (orange) is created with cream and offered with sliced seafood mixed with chilli and coriander, then stir-fried with fish sauce, salt or sugar. Shrimps are frequently replaced by coconut flakes nowadays.

The sweet topping (yellow) is comprised of boiled egg yolks in syrup and is known as Foi Thong.


 100g rice flour

50g flour made from mung beans

150g sugar

2 eggs

2 cups dissolved red limestone paste in water (or plain water)

On a mixing bowl, add 100g of rice flour, 50g of flour made from mung beans, 150g sugar, 2 eggs

then gently pour in the water with Red Limestone Paste and mix until the sugar is dissolved.


3 egg white

½ cup of sugar

Mix egg whites and sugar on high speed in a stand mixer bowl or a jug until mixed.

How to cook Thai crispy pancakes

Heat a nonstick pan over medium-low heat, then apply a small amount of batter into it and disperse it out in a circular motion to create a very thin layer of batter. Allow 10 to 20 seconds for the crepe to cook before adding pancake contents, starting with cream and then sweet or salty filling on top. Carefully fold the crepe in half and remove from the pan when it is crispy and light brown, which should take no more than a few minutes of cooking. Repeat this technique until you’ve used up all of your batter.

Thai Food: What makes Thai seasoning?

Learn what makes Thai seasoning

Thai seasoning is more of a Thai-inspired curry powder but with a different twist. It is made from several spices such as paprika, turmeric, coriander, black pepper, fenugreek, dry mustard, cumin, ginger, and cayenne. The blend is on a fun, exotic spice that gives the food a hint of Thai flavour. Cooks can use it if they do not have any curry paste nearby. In this article, we are going to explore the ingredients in Thai seasoning.

The Ingredients and How to Prepare the Seasoning

Most of these ingredients are readily available in the Thai markets. Visit the grocery store and pick everything needed for the seasoning. Sometimes cooks may lack fenugreek, which is the primary spice in the seasoning. Fenugreek has a taste that’s between celery leaves and maple syrup. It may be a little challenging to duplicate. With the spice, the seasoning is more authentic. However, if a cook can’t find fenugreek, they can replace it with garam masala, yellow mustard seeds, and brown sugar. Once the cook has all the ingredients together, they should combine them well and store them in an airtight container. During the preparation, a cook should caution the cayenne as some people do not love spicy food. Use more if you like it spicier.

Recipes-What to Prepare using Thai Seasoning

Cooks use Thai seasoning on roasted vegetables, marinades, and rub for grilled chicken and steak. The most common recipes are Paleo Thai shrimp and vegetable skillet, Thai roasted sweet potatoes with coconut and lime, and a quick Thai fish curry, you will find them in any restaurant in Bangkok. Cooks can also try the Thai pulled pork tacos with creamy chilli slaw and Thai-spiced seafood soup with zoodles recipes. They suit pork lovers and seafood enthusiasts, respectively. All these recipes are easy to follow. They are low-carb diets suitable for consumers who love tasty and healthy meals.



What is therapeutic hot stone hot stone massage? You may have heard of it before, in magazines or on the internet, but you might not know what it entails. Read on.


Relaxing therapy.


Therapeutic hot stone massage treatment is a luxury spa treatment used for relaxation, soothing, detoxification and healing. It is a very popular treatment for aching muscles and bad backs.



The technique.

The normal technique is for the patient to lie facedown and hot stones are placed on the spine. The heat causes muscle relaxation, and the therapist then adds to this with massage techniques. The aim is to promote lymph circulation in order to detoxify the body as well as releasing stress and tension, with the end result of the client feeling relaxed and with a sense of wellbeing and improved health.

The the stones used are coated in aromatherapy oils and the therapist moves the stones as part of the massage, while the client relaxes.


What the therapy helps with.

Hot stone massage can be taken just as a treat, or it can be used to ease various health conditions and bring healing to some. Conditions such as joint disorders, fibromyalgia, backache, circulation problems, sleep problems and mental health issues can be eased by hot stone treatment.

The treatment usually involves hot basalt stones soaked in aromatherapy relaxing oils, the therapist works with these and their hands to relax your muscles, and may also alternate hot stones with cold ones for a deeper relaxation. The heat of the hot stones will relax you to the point where the massage of tense and tight muscles will barely hurt as the kinks and strains are soothed away. The treatment takes place in a private and discreet room, with lighting to match the relaxing mood, and possibly also background music and scents to add to the experience.


Suitability and precautions.

The treatment is suitable for most people, although it is advisable for the client to give a medical history and let the therapist know if they are pregnant. A good therapist will always take a medical history and adjust the therapy as necessary to suit the client’s condition.


When to have your treatment.

The treatment normally lasts about an hour and it is best to avoid alcoholic drinks and heavy food beforehand and allow plenty of time. During the therapy the client should feel able to tell the therapist if anything about the therapy is uncomfortable or painful, for example if the rocks feel too hot or if any aspect of the therapy causes bad pain. The treatment is meant as an indulgence and a complementary therapy to be enjoyed, so it should be comfortable and leave the client relaxed and refreshed.


If this description has sparked interest, then it is time to look for a hot stone massage therapist, and K West Hotel and Spa is the ideal place, with trained and experienced therapists able to offer the best possible Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage Treatment.

Things to do in winter in and around Hyde Park

We present a guide for exciting events and activities that will keep individuals engaged and active during the winter season.


Although you may not see snow on the rooftops as of yet, one thing that the cold chilly temperatures confirm is that winter is definitely here and with all the ice and frosty scenery it may seem like there isn’t much to do. On the contrary, winter in the U.K is one of the most festive seasons, filled with exciting events and venues to explore. In fact, it is the perfect time to hang out with family and friends, experience new adventures and capture unforgettable moments.


The Royal Lancaster London Hotel overlooks Hyde Park, London’s largest royal parks in the U.K. November marks the opening of an extraordinary winter theme park at Hyde Park filled with amazing attractions, rides, games and spectacular shows that will leave you at the edge of your seats wanting more. With delicious eateries, there is so much to do and discover along the way.


Peter Pan On Ice – Watch your favorite storybook characters come alive


Watch the fascinating story of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and the Lost Boys unfold as they battle the evil Captain Hook, and experience 55 minutes of world-class skating by professional skaters as they perform at the Winter Palace Hotel. The show is full of special effects, flying stunts and of course, ice skating. You will be captivated by the costumes, animated scenery, music and singing. This is something that the entire family will enjoy; however, book your tickets in advance to ensure that you don’t miss out on a great show.


Santa Land – Visit Santa in his grotto and find out if you’ve been naughty or nice


Bring your child’s dream to life at Santa Land. At Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland children can meet the elves of Santa’s workshop and take pictures with Santa, himself. There are lots of cool games and rides perfect for young children and lots of sweet and interesting tasty treats to try.


Bavarian Village and Christmas Markets – Experience culture and tradition


Get into the festivities at the Bavarian Village and Christmas Markets. Taste traditional Bavarian cuisine, socialize with friends and family at the restaurants and cafes or simply stroll through the Chrismas Market for the perfect gift.


Keep in mind the fun does not stop at Hyde Park.


National History Museum – Don’t be shy to show off your skating talents


Decorated with thousands of fairy lights, the National History Museum will certainly get you into the winter spirit. Live music play as you skate around a 9-meter tall Christmas tree. There are cafes to sit and have a warm drink while you conversate with family and friends.


If you loved the Winter Wonderland experience, then you might want to head on down to Winterville located at Clapham Common. Similar to Hyde Park, Winterville is filled with theater performances, magic shows, rides and other fun activities perfect for adults and children.


There is even more to discover on your own. So get ready to embark on a winter adventure and get into the winter spirit.


5 Reasons to Get Married in Bangkok


Getting married in Bangkok is a great idea. It may take a lot of time and preparation but it is worth the effort. Thai weddings are unique. They are different from western weddings in almost all aspects. You can, however, do your white wedding in Bangkok. The following are the top five reasons to get married in Bangkok.


The Legalities Are Simple

If you are a foreign couple getting married in Bangkok is easy. You need to complete your Letter of Intent at your embassy first. The process is simple and it may only take a few days. You also need to travel with your identification details such a passport, original birth certificate, your completed statutory declaration. If you have been married previously, you also need to bring your certificate of divorce. You need to get your documents translated into Thai. You then need to submit them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You are free to have your wedding anywhere in Thailand after registration. Your wedding certificate will be written in Thai so you need to translate it


It is Beautiful

Bangkok is always beautiful. It has amazing wedding venues and serene natural settings at all times in the year. You do not need to spend a lot of money to have your wedding in a beautiful place. The Grand Palace is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Bangkok. Others include Dream World, Siam Ocean World, and Temple of Emerald Buddha.


It is Cheap

The average cost of having a wedding in Bangkok is B 200, 000. It is a lot less than having weddings in other parts of the world. It is an excellent choice for affordable destination weddings. Wedding venues offer amazing packages at affordable rates.


There are Plenty of Wedding Resorts

The number of resorts and wedding hotels in Bangkok is high, such as the Lancaster Bangkok hotel near Sukhumvit. You can easily find something that suits your needs. It has a colorful culture and hospitality is idyllic. You can find something to suit all budget limits. From private weddings to grand resorts, Bangkok always has something special.


Bangkok Cuisine

The cuisine in Bangkok is varied and amazing. Bangkok’s cuisine is bursting with flavors from all the provincial borders. The cuisine in Bangkok is distinct from what is served in other parts of the world. It has amazing vegan and vegetarian options.


Some of the most unique features of a Thai wedding include Monk’s blessing and water blessing. There are plenty of wedding hotels found in Bangkok where you can hold your white wedding. The most common wedding receptions are buffet and sit-down courses.